About the Organizers and Conveners

During the first few years of GINHAWA, the focus had been works of healing, renewal and transformation for different sectors, particularly those who are in much need of ginhawa (well-being): Urban poor youth, abused children and women, people living with HIV-AIDS, youth-in-conflict with the law. Specific programs were developed for those who are ginhawa-givers in society like overworked NGO staff..., church workers in need of nurturance and growth, as well as professionals seeking meaning and purpose.

Out of these programs, and from the pooled expertise of GINHAWA associates and volunteers, GINHAWA now concentrates on developing transformational programs that integrate SPIRITUALITY and CREATIVITY at the service of WELL-BEING.

Bahay Nakpil-Bautista – Tahanan ng Kultura.  Tahanan ng mga Katipunero / Home of Heroes of the 1896 Revolution. Bahay Nakpil-Bautista has been transformed by its heir into a museum. It is dedicated to the Revolution of 1896 and to its famous resident, Gregoria (Oriang) de Jesus, the Lakambini of the Katipunan and widow of Andres Bonifacio.  Other well-known residents were Julio Nakpil, vice supremo of Bonifacio who married Oriang, the widow of Bonifacio; Ariston Bautista, propagandist and friend of Jose Rizal and Francisco Nakpil, older brother of Julio who was also a member of the Katipunan. Juan Nakpil, only son of Oriang and Julio was also named a national artist in architecture. The present house was built by Dr. Ariston Bautista on the property owned by the Nakpils.

Bahay Nakpil-Bautista is a center for community activities and urban revitalization, a nationally significant historical site, a forum for nation-building and a platform for projecting Filipino art and culture internationally.

Dr. Teresita Obusan, the curator, is active in the promotion and preservation of Philippine culture through the activities/programs she initiated and carried out in Bahay Nakpil-Bautista.   

Sanghabi is a non-profit organization which continues to build on the work it started with Hibla from way back 1998 and has expanded its core membership to included individuals interested in Philippine culture.

Sanghabi means one weave in English. The name serves as the group’s metaphor for the culmination of years of development of ideas and concepts after a decade of facilitating Philippine indigenous rhythm and movement workshops, doing performances, facilitating rituals as well conducting its own research on Philippine culture.

The group and its core members were featured in Channel News Asia’s Yours Truly Asia in 2007.  The program showed the mission and work the group does as it continues to educate everyday Filipinos of the diversity and richness of Filipino culture.

Core Members of the Convenors

Dr. Teresita B. Obusan

Obusan is a social worker and writer.  She has written journal articles and book chapters and has lectured widely and organized seminars and conferences on the area of Filipino spirituality, popular religion-culture, hiyang or culturally-oriented research, and community and urban development.  She has a Ph.D. in Philippine Studies from the University of the Philippines.  She is currently the In-House Director at Bahay Nakpil-Bautista, a national heritage site museum and community center in Quiapo, Manila.

Ms. Minifred P. Gavino

Gavino conceived and co-birthed the Buhay Babaylan Lecture-Ritual Series.  She is a facilitator and the originator of the BAYBAYIN Creativity Workshops-Classes that provides a space especially for the young to rediscover and reconnect to the Filipino ancestral heritage.  She is the Co-Program Director of GINHAWA, Inc., a non-government organization that integrates creativity and spirituality at the service of well-being, where she co-facilitates rituals, healing and transformational sessions to various groups. She is a performer-facilitator of Sanghabi, Inc., a cultural, non-government organization engaged in promoting Filipino culture.

Mr. Leo Emmanuel S. Castro

Castro is a freelance researcher, consultant on Philippine culture. He is the Executive Director of Sanghabi, a cultural, non-government organization engaged in promoting Filipino culture through conducting workshops on indigenous rhythm/movement and baybayin (the ancient script of the Filipinos).  He is also a bamboo musical instrument maker and a nose flute player.

Mr. Raymond M. Cosare

Cosare is a Baybayin Calligrapher and facilitator for Baybayin classes.  He is a board member of the Peacemaker’s Circle Foundation, Inc. and a member of Sanghabi, Inc., an NGO that advocates Philippine culture through indigenous music workshops called pintigan.  He was a faculty at the Far Eastern University for 14 years.  He graduated B.S. Psychology at the University of Santo Tomas and M.A. in Instructional Management at Miriam College.