About the Lecture-Ritual Series

The Buhay BABAYLAN Lecture-Ritual Series - a series of presentations and discussions that cover current researches and continuing practices of the Babaylan for students, teachers and mainstream Filipinos wanting to re-discover their cultural roots. The lecture-ritual series is aimed at introducing the Babaylan to a new generation of Filipinos and how the essence of the Babaylan can be an inspiration for empowerment in an era of technology and globalization.

A ritual is included in the program in order to achieve both cognitive understanding and experiential appreciation of the life and practices of the babaylan. The ritual honors both traditional knowing and contemporary thinking which serves as the integrative space for learning and seeking the Babaylan spirit.
Conceptualized by the Buhay Babaylan Lecture-Ritual Series Committee which consist of wellness and cultural organizations, GINHAWA (Growth in Wholeness and Well-Being Associates, Inc.), Bahay Nakpil-Bautista and Sanghabi, there are lecture-rituals scheduled over the school year which started on April 2011.